TIPS Wear Heels Without Pain

Heels make you look attractive and feel confident.

But it also brings along pain and discomfort when not worn right.

Many studies have proven men find women that wear heels a lot more attractive!

Tricks For Wearing High Heels 

Wear wedges or chunky heels if you know it's going to be a long day.

They provide excellent balance and comfort keeping you active all day long.

Wear Chunky Heels 

The ball of the feet carry all your body weight and hurt the most when wearing heels as well.

Using foot pads to cover this area can help you stay comfortable and minimize the pain.

Use Foot Pads 

If heels are your work shoes, wearing them all day can slow down blood circulation around your feet and cause them to swell. To avoid this, put your feet up or take your shoes off whenever you get the chance.

Give It a Break 

Cheap shoes made from low-quality material can prove to be torturous and cause great agony. They also lead to sweating and smelly feet; the last thing a woman would want.

Buy Quality Shoes

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