Do Not Sell Policy


We respect your privacy and right to control personal information, California residents may opt out of use or “sale” of personal information to third parties. 

According to the CCPA California legislation, the word “Sale” refers to the use of data collection which may be used for advertising or other communications. Learn more about CCPA by clicking here.

If you would like to exercise your "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" right, please use the relevant forms provided below.

Upon receipt of your request, and within a reasonable timeframe (normally 30 days), we will process the request. This will apply to any data we normally collect, and third parties which assist in providing personalized shopping when visiting our online store. For more details, click here to view our privacy policy.


  1. Download and complete the opt-form by clicking here
  2. Update your Consent Preference by Consent Preferences.

Please note that by opting out, you may still see advertisements on our website, but they will not be based on your personal information.


To download and request a DSAR (Data Subject Application Request) form  click here.      

We are continually monitoring and updating our preferences and policies to reflect the state by state legislative changes updates, along with International guidelines pertaining to such practices.