Whats Happening at Sexyshoes for the New Year!

A Love Note from Shoemaker (AKA Scott Gidlow) and Wheels (AKA John Wheeler)!

Wow how time is flying by! It seems like yesterday John, our partners, and team embarked on recreating a bigger, better, and exciting destination for shoe lovers around the globe.

Major changes are happening here every week and thanks to you, we are seeing amazing growth each month. It's an exciting time for us together, and we can't tell you enough how much we appreciate you!

The only complaint we have heard is that everyone seems to be working night and day to keep up with all the changes.

Speaking of changes, we hope you have been noticing them over the past few weeks. John and I have been preparing and launching the new improvements to make 2019 the sexiest year ever! From new brands, categories, our SexyShoes footwear line, and an upgraded website, there will be lots to share together this year.

However, sometimes the changes are bumpy. We apologize if things were a little rocky, but the transitions and improvements should continue to build the base for our community moving forward.

Specifically, many may have noticed some construction over the past two weeks. John and I just wrapped up the first phase of several major improvements and they went live just hours ago. Let us know if you are happy with the progress or have suggestions we can implement. We love hearing from you.

The biggest releases this week you should check out are:

  • A more streamline filter and product assortment
  • Greatly improved speed times (After your browser re-caches with us)
  • A Brand-New Style Feature that is ongoing and will be increasing with more looks this month
  • 100's of new Corsets in all sizes
  • New text message alert program so you will never miss our best deals! Be sure to opt-in as well!
  • New Sexy Rewards loyalty program with great benefits for loyal fans!
  • A new product review program will be launching next week as well, so keep an eye out for that.

We Thank You for all the support, compassion, and fun you bring to our day. Keeping the world, a sexier loving place is a fulfilling way to spend your weeks working.

Stay Sexy!

Scott & John