What Pole Dance Shoes Should You Wear? A guide for beginners

Choosing the right pair of shoes for your big performance may be overwhelming and challenging especially if you are a beginner

To become an exceptional pole dancer you need to carry that sexiness that allures audience.

Apart from the slinky lingerie that complements your stunning appearance you also need to wear seductive shoes that go perfectly well with your attire.

We have listed some of the important tips that can help you choose funky shoes for your next big day!

A 7inch heel is perfect for beginners it offers the best platform size. 

Though these heels are taller they allow pole dancers to take seamless stilettoed steps around the pole.

Once you become a pro at dancing with pointed heels, try experiencing a 10th heel to add more spice to your seductive dance.

You can opt for strappy stilettos. They not only make your legs look ledger but build ankle strength as well.

Boots are another option to avail for your pole dance they come with a lot of benefits by supporting your ankle they improve comfort.

They are suitable for dancers who have previous ankle injuries.

They also protect your toes when you are practicing floorwalker moves

Exotic platform heels are the choice of hot, glamorous pole dancers.

They are chosen not only for their sexy appearance but for the flexibility as well.

They help you build strength and maintain balance while you are dancing on and off the pole.

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