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Halloween is one of the best times to express yourself by dressing up and wearing fun costumes. No wonder so many people love the holiday! Whether you’re going to a party or another spooky event, SexyShoes has you covered with the best fantasy character costumes you’ll enjoy.

12 Sexiest Character Costumes for Halloween

Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite characters would look like if they were just a bit more sultry? Here are some Halloween costumes featuring some popular characters with a sexier twist.

Top Drawer Kansas Girl Corset Dress

Dorothy Gale

Who doesn’t love a Kansas girl like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? If her signature look is a little too innocent for your liking, you can take things up a couple of notches with this full-bust corset dress.

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Queen of Hearts

Show everyone at your Halloween party how a real queen looks in this premium corset costume. We’re pretty confident you’ll steal a few hearts in this outfit!

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Snow White

Snow White is definitely going to be the Sexiest One of All in this lavish full-bust corset. Let’s just hope you don’t run into any jealous wicked queens who want to kill you!

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If you’re a sweetheart with a bit of spunk like Tinkerbell, then this costume is for you. There’s nothing more magical than a girl with attitude in a sequined corset dress.

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Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is arguably one of the most desirable female fictional characters out there. From her charismatic ways to her sultriness, it’s easy to see why!

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Baywatch Lifeguard

Ready to bring some heat to your next Halloween party? Another sexy costume most people enjoy wearing is the iconic Baywatch lifeguard swimsuit. The matching hat and whistle are included, but the personality is all yours!

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3PC Playboy Beach Patrol

Lola Bunny

You don’t have to have mad basketball skills like Lola Bunny to pull off this adorable costume. What you have in sass will make up for what you lack on the court.

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We also have the same outfit available for plus-sized queens!


Heroes are so overrated. Show off your evil side with this Sultry Sea Witch Costume. We just feel bad for those poor unfortunate souls who try to cross you!

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We also have the same costume available for the plus-sized queens!

Princess Peach

Who says princesses can’t have a sexy side? Imagine the look on your Mario’s face after he sees you in this sexy pink corset costume. Talk about wanting to save a damsel in distress!

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Princess Jasmine

Is your inner princess more fierce than frilly? You and Princess Jasmine have a lot in common! This high-quality sheer glitter costume is perfect for the girl who isn’t afraid to show someone a whole new world.

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Gotham City has a new hero in town, and she only comes out at night. Evildoers should watch their backs around this one.

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Top Drawer Plus Size Night Hero Costume

Minnie Mouse

You can’t go wrong with a Minnie Mouse costume for a dress-up party! If you want to leave a lasting impression, this Lavish Flirty Mouse Corset Costume is the way to go.

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Take Your Halloween Costumes to the Next Level with SexyShoes

Why settle for simple when you can go sexy this Halloween? We’d love to help you find your next fantasy character to dress up as, no matter what your spooky plans are. Browse our site and find something that speaks to you!